My Happiness and Appreciation Journey

I have been meaning to start a happiness and gratitude journal for some time now. Procrastination and laziness have been abundant but I decided to shake them all off and delay gratification no longer.

The people that inspired me to embark on this journey are two important people to me and are influential in there respected fields. The first one is Oprah Winfery whom we all know and respect for the global classroom she opened up to all of us (Oprah Winfrey Show) each and every day. As far as I could remember, each show always motivated me to be a better person than I was Yesterday. So the other day as I was on YouTube watching videos I have subscribed to, I stumbled upon a video where Oprah was talking about the Elizabeth Gilbert`s (my favourite author at the moment for EAT, PRAY, LOVE 🙂 ) pursuit for happiness. In the 45 second video she challenges those watching to seek the same resonance with happiness by recording the most happiest moments of our day  just as Elizabeth for at least 30 consecutive days.

Obviously, I did take up the challenge (challenge accepted!!) and today am my 9th day. Hopefully the enthusiasm I kicked off with is the same one I will have until day 30 and probably make it a habit.

The second person that is important to me is Dulce Candy from She is a professional stylist and one of my fashion gurus. Her sense of style is unique, outstanding, up to date and definitely one to reckon with. Dulce also has her own YouTube channel and in one of her many videos she mentions how THE MAGIC a book by Rhonda Bryne (also author of SECRET) inspired to start journaling what she was most grateful for each day. I had started this sometime back but then suddenly gave up. However, because of that video and the way she talks about how her life has positively changed and she now experiences profound peace and joy and looks at life with a different outlook I have decided to jump on the band wagon( also on day 9).

I understand getting time to jot down these two (gratitude and happiness) moments may seem or sound simple but they can be very challenging unless planned right. When am done with my 30 days of this journey I will be sure to write a follow up and some of the things I got to write on some days.

~~ Embark on this journey with me and you`ll enjoy a happy purposeful life and the great opportunities you will attract with your new found energy~~


here are the awesome books I have mentioned above. Get them as soon as you can and you will not believe what great reads they are.


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